Potential Side Effects of Dental Extractions

Being penciled in for a dental extraction can be a nerve-wracking experience for patients who have never had to go through the procedure before. You might feel a mix of emotions including nervousness, anxiety, and perhaps even semi-relief that whatever the problem you’re facing will hopefully be resolved with the extraction.

Still, going through this procedure for the first time can seem harrowing. You won’t have anything to worry about on that front, as the procedure itself is fairly tame when it actually gets started. Your dentist will numb your mouth so that you will won’t feel any pain or discomfort while the procedure is going on. Depending on how many teeth you are having extracted, you could even request to be put to sleep until the procedure is over if your dentist or oral surgeon provides that option.

Either way, you don’t have much to worry about during the actual procedure. What you should be aware of, though, is the potential side effects you may experience after the procedure and how you can address them at home.

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Potential Side Effects and What You Can Do

You may experience a few things when your extraction is complete, but these side effects usually don’t last long and hopefully will not be severe.

Swelling is common after an extraction. To help the swelling go down, you can use an ice pack on the affected area, which can also help with pain reduction.

Pain and discomfort is not uncommon after this procedure, either. You should have received a prescription for your dentist, so make sure you are taking it as prescribed. You can also use over-the-counter medications for pain, such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Bleeding might continue for several hours after the procedure is complete. You should use a gauze pad to help reduce the bleeding, but if it continues for six to seven hours after the procedure, you should get in touch with 911 or visit the emergency room, as this could be a severe side effect that would require immediate attention.

Hopefully, you won’t experience these side effects when your visit with the tooth extraction tacoma professional is finished. If you do, however, you now know what you can do to address the problems.