Tips On Saving Your Hearing

Out of our five senses the power of hearing and seeing are possibly the two that most of us would hate to lose the most.  Both allow us to navigate and enjoy the world. Most of us are very careful of our eyes, wearing sunglasses and instinctively protecting them from harm with our hands. But what about our hearing? When it comes to preventing hearing damage, what steps are good to take?

Avoid the noise

This is one that I like to do personally.  If there is a lot of noise or if people are trying to bombard you with a lot of stimulation you want to take a step away and try to remove yourself from the noise.  IF you can do this, the noise won’t be putting pressure on our ears.

Wear ear protection

The next thing that you want to do is wear ear protection.  You want to use earplugs, noise cancelling headphones and other devices that will shield your ears from noise.  When wearing these pieces of equipment, you want to make sure that you do so properly.  If you don’t then you could be wearing the protection but doing damage just the same.

Don’t poke at your ears

One thing that most people will do is use a Q-tip or other device to clean out their ears.  This is not recommended.  When you use one of these devices you ware actually pushing wax back into your ear which is defeating the purpose.  Also, you are using something that could puncture or irritate your ear drum. 

Get a checkup

The best thing to do is go for a hearing test and make sure that there are no issues with your ears.  If you do then you can put a plan in motion to ensure that your hearing okay or take steps to start protecting or improving your hearing.