All The Information You Must Have Before Getting A Tooth Implant Surgery

A dental implant involves a procedure whereby a damaged tooth is extracted and in its place an artificial tooth as well as an artificial tooth root, is planted in the jawbone. There are a series of processes involved in a g a tooth implant procedure houston that vary depending on the severity of a particular case. Implants are considered an advancement over bridgework or dentures for they resemble and function much more like natural teeth.

Can it be of help to you?

Anyone having a broken or missing tooth can get back their healthy-looking set of teeth with the aid of dental implants as long as they have a sturdy jawbone that can support a bone graft and the oral tissues are in a good state.

Are there any risks?

Although there are a few minor complications associated with dental implants, they are rare and can be treated with minimal efforts. Simply follow all the instructions of your dentist and there’ll be no cause for concern.

The initial preparation

Before the start of the actual procedure, some prior preparation is needed which include taking some X-rays, impressions of the teeth, and an examination of medical history. These enable the specialist to get on to planning the course of your treatment.

The steps involved

Once the treatment plan is outlined, the dentist gets on to working on your teeth. The basic steps are: –

·    Extraction of the damaged tooth

·    Preparing the jawbone for grafting

·    Placing of the implant

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·    Allowing some time for the bone to grow and heal

·    Placing of abutment

·    Placing of the artificial tooth

The duration of the treatment can be anything from two to six months during which you would be required to visit the clinic about 4-5 times.

Get past your fear of dentists and have your damaged teeth dealt with before their condition gets any worse.